Text Box: In May of 1990, ASE DJ's was inspired by a young adult of 13 years old going to a jr. high school dance in a small town called Holbrook, about 50 miles east of New York City out on Long Island.  After moving to another small town on the North Shore of Long Island called Miller Place, it took going to another jr. high school dance to  realize that a DJ profession was definitely in the future for this young adult.  
After moving to Miller Place, N.Y., the parents of the founder was renting an old style Victorian farm house which was small and cramped.  It was in this small and cramped house that ASE DJís was founded. The landlordís son of the property in Miller Place was a DJ as well as an owner of a mobile DJ company called The Music Man. It was this company and the owner that educated the founder of ASE DJís.
Originally, named A.S.I. (Awesome Sounds Initiative.), this company was founded on September 4th, 1990. With the help of the founderís older brotherís friend, the first amplifier and speaker was purchased for only $40.00.  After about a year of doing backyard pool parties during the summer vacation with this starter sound system, it was with help of a high school teacher that the founder brought home his first set of matching speakers.
In the summer of 1994 A.S.I. was moved from the North Shore of Long Island to another small town on the South Shore called Moriches where the company continued to grow.   By 1995, A.S.I. experienced its first form of trouble with one of its hired help and was forced to rename the business.  After all the problems of having to rename the business and re-marketing the business under its current name, ďASE DJ'sĒ, the DJ company was bound to continue to be a strong and profitable business.
By the summer of 1995, ASE DJ's was the most requested DJ company for the area of Moriches and three other towns that neighbors Moriches named Mastic,  Mastic Beach, and Shirley.  It was also this year that ASE DJ's was recognized as the most profitable young business on the South Shore of Long Island. 
In May of 1996, ASE DJ's made its first night club premier in New York City playing to a crowd of about 3000.  By the time 1998 rolled around, ASE DJ's was contracted to do a weekly show in a family entertainment establishment named Q-ZAR in Sayville, Long Island.  ASE DJ's also became the sound engineering company for Q-ZAR New York L.L.C., servicing  the in-house sound and lighting systems of all the Q-ZARís in Long Island and New York City. 
In the winter of 1999 Mor-Mac Industries (McDonalds) contracted ASE DJ's to provide the entertainment for all the holiday parties in all of the McDonalds owned by Mor-Mac Industries.  By the year 2000, ASE DJ's was known as the ďNumber One Club Music DJ on Long IslandĒ rated by the popular radio stations of Long Island.  Also the year 2000 brought in the companyís highest revenue income of one years time which that record still holds to this date. 
In the spring of 2001 ASE DJ's  acquired its first night club account playing in a club that neighbored Mastic called Shirley.  The name of this club was called CHARDONNAY.  The owner of the club also owned a club in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, N.Y., of which  ASE DJ's also acquired that account.  ASE DJ's was quickly discovered by the N.Y.C. club environment and was hired to DJ as a guest DJ in many of the well known night clubs of Manhattan. 
By Fall of 2003 ASE DJ's was doing guest appearances in most of the well known clubs of the East Coast of the U.S.  ASE DJís was also hosting the most popular Saturday night party in a club called THUNDERS located in a town called Huntington.  This party ran for more than 15 months at this club.  Currently ASE DJ's is contracted by a night club called Grand Central Station located in St. Petersburg, FL. providing the music and lighting entertainment at the club on Thursday Night from 10 pm to 2 am EST.  ASE DJ's also owns a two hour time slot on an internet radio station called Orbital Grooves Radio (www.orbitalgrooves.com) every Friday at 12 pm to 2 pm Est.

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